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Periodontal Laser

Periodontal Laser Procedures in Houston

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, your next step is to determine the right treatment method. Thanks to technology and innovation with different treatments, there are several procedures available that can restore the health of your smile. The procedure you choose, however, will depend on the extent of the disease.

Laser technology is often capable of cutting down treatment time.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

Dental lasers are used as a tool to gain access to the infected portion of the gums. The device itself can remove the diseased tissues from your teeth. Once the infection has been removed, our periodontist will begin the scaling and root planing procedure, which involves removing the bacteria from off your tooth root. This promotes healing and the reattachment of your healthy gums to your teeth.

The Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment

Laser treatment has many benefits over more traditional procedures, the main one being significantly shorter treatment times.

Laser procedures also provide an additional layer of precision that manual techniques aren’t always capable of. With laser treatment, the device only targets the specific treatment areas, making it far less likely for it to affect other parts of the mouth.

Additionally, anesthetics may not be necessary with laser procedures.

Is Laser Treatment Right for You?

As ideal as laser periodontal treatment may sound, it’s not always the right treatment, and its use depends on the severity of your gum disease. An examination with our periodontist will help you determine whether laser treatment is right for you. For more severe cases of gum disease, gum flap surgery may be necessary.

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Periodontists have several years of training after dental school making them uniquely qualified to provide laser treatments. If you would like more information about laser periodontal treatment, or to find out which gum disease treatment is right for you, contact Kenneth M. Lubritz, DDS, Periodontics & Dental Implants and schedule an appointment!