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Gum Disease Treatments in Houston

Do you suffer from red, swollen gums?

Do you have gum disease that is negatively impacting your appearance and overall health?  

Periodontal (gum disease) is a serious oral health condition that causes gum recession, weakening of oral structures, and eventually loss of teeth. But even if you have advanced gum disease, there are ways to treat the condition and recover your oral health. Dr. Lubrtiz’s Houston dental office is happy to provide periodontal surgery to treat cases of periodontitis, or advanced gum disease, in order to promote total-body wellness.

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With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Kenneth M. Lubritz has offered Houston periodontics to help improve patients’ oral hygiene. On this page, you can read more information about bone grafting, crown lengthening, and oral cancer exams that can help to prevent other medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

The term “periodontics” refers to the dental specialty that pertains to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that affects the gums and jawbone.  The gum tissues serve to surround and support the teeth and the underlying jawbone anchors teeth firmly in place.  Periodontists have completed several years of extra dental training and are concerned with maintaining the function, health and aesthetics of the jawbone and tissues.

Getting Periodontal Surgery in Houston, TX

periodontal surgery in houston

During your first appointment at our office, you’ll sit with Dr. Lubritz so he can review any existing dental problems, go over those with you, and discuss your treatment plan options.

Periodontal surgery can include any of the following:

Soft tissue grafting

If the progression of gum disease has caused gum tissue to recede, Dr. Lubritz can build up tissue to produce a better aesthetic and boost the support system for your teeth.

Bone grafting

The development of deep pockets of bacteria that is characteristic of gum disease eventually eats away at bone and tooth enamel. In less than an hour, Dr. Lubritz can perform bone grafting treatment in order to restore lost bone density.

Pocket reduction

Our Houston perio surgery treatments also include pocket reduction therapy. Dr. Lubrtiz cleans out pockets of infection below the gum line in order to reduce symptoms of periodontitis. Pocket reduction can be performed in conjunction with bone grafting and soft tissue grafting for a comprehensive approach to gum disease care.

Many of these surgical periodontal therapies can be performed quickly and comfortably with the help of local anesthetic and even IV sedation. If you have had to have teeth extracted due to complications from gum disease, Dr. Lubritz also places dental implants right at his Houston dental office; you can get permanent new teeth more easily than you might imagine.

Reasons for periodontal treatment in Houston

Periodontal disease is a progressive condition which begins with mild gum inflammation called gingivitis.  It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults living in the developed world, and should be taken very seriously.  Periodontal disease (often called gum disease) is typically signified by red, swollen, painful, or bleeding gums, but in some cases has no noticeable symptoms.

Periodontal disease generally begins when the bacteria living in plaque cause an infection in the surrounding tissues of the teeth, causing them to become irritated and painful.  Eventually, this infection will; cause the jawbone to recede and the tooth to become loose.

There are several reasons why gum disease treatment may be necessary:

  • Moderate/advanced gum disease – This occurs when the gums are bleeding, swollen or red around most teeth and the jawbone has begun to recede.

  • Localized gum recession – The infection which propagates moderate or advanced gum disease often begins in one area.  Gum recession may also be caused due to over brushing with a hard bristle brush, or due to a tooth that is not positioned properly.  Immediate treatment is required to prevent further spreading.

  • Before crown lengthening – The periodontist may lengthen the crown of the tooth by removing surrounding soft tissue to provide more tooth exposure.

  • Ridge augmentation – This procedure, often called “recontouring” may be required to correct an uneven gum line.  Before embarking on treatment, a periodontist needs to treat any bacterial infections and periodontitis.

In the case of mild/moderate periodontal problems, the focus of the periodontist will be on curing the underlying bacterial infection and then providing advice on the most appropriate home cleaning methods.

Sometimes a deep scaling is needed to remove the bacterial plaque and calculus (tartar) from the teeth and tissues.  Where periodontal disease is advanced and the jawbone has regressed significantly, more intensive cleaning may be recommended and loose teeth that cannot be saved will be removed.

Why Treat Gum Disease?

Gum disease produces bad breath, loose teeth, and bleeding gums, which is reason enough to seek treatment. However, gum disease is linked to more serious, whole-body wellness issues, such as heart problems and stroke.

The mouth-body connection is an important health concern to keep in mind. Our Houston dental office treats gum disease for total body wellness. We both treat the immediate disease and take a long-aim approach to dental care, for protecting your continued well-being. Dr. Lubtriz and his team take each patient on a case-by-case basis, providing them with an individualized treatment plan that helps them achieve improved health now and in the future. 

Are You Concerned about Gum Disease? Contact Us!

Our periodontist in Houston is trained in all aspects of dental implant procedures, which can restore functionality to the mouth when teeth have been affected by periodontitis. 

Because periodontal disease is progressive, it is essential to remove the bacteria and calculus build up to halt the spread of the infection.  Your dentist will be happy to advise you on effective cleaning methods and treatment options. 

Getting gum disease treatment is essential for preventing tooth loss and larger, systemic issues. To learn more about getting periodontal surgery in Houston for the treatment of gum disease, contact Dr. Lubritz  and his team today at (713) 789-7676.