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Why Get Dental Implants from a Periodontist?

Dental implants provide a replacement for missing teeth that are as close as possible to your own, natural teeth. Implants are able to achieve this effect through the integration of implant posts to the jawbone, a process that helps provide a secure anchor for your replacement teeth.

As implant placement procedures involve the manipulation of soft tissue and bone, periodontists are an important part of your implant treatment plan. Kenneth M. Lubritz, DDS, Periodontics & Dental Implants, a provider of dental implants in Houston, works with your general dentist to provide successful treatment for your oral health needs.

The Benefits of Visiting a Periodontist for Implant Surgery

While some general dentists have taken continuing education courses to provide implant placement services, a periodontist receives years of specialized training that allows them to perform more advanced oral health procedures.

Periodontists are specialists in the field of gum tissue, underlying bone structure, and how the health of one affects the other. After an implant is placed into the jaw, the bone bonds with the implant post to provide a durable, long-lasting replacement for a missing tooth. With Dr. Lubritz’s specialized oral health knowledge and education, he is able to efficiently place your implant(s) while protecting the health of soft tissue and bone.

Providing Best Results for Implant Placement and Post-Treatment Healing

As implants are placed into the bone through gum tissue, having healthy gums and strong bone density is of the utmost importance for best results. If you are dealing with periodontal disease that could pose a problem for healing processes, Dr. Lubritz can perform both nonsurgical and surgical gum treatments to secure soft tissue health before implants are placed.

In addition to improving gum health, our Houston periodontist is also able to help patients benefit from higher bone density prior to implant surgery. If you have been told you are not a good candidate for implant placement because of poor bone quality, Dr. Lubritz can provide bone grafting procedures to build up areas of dense bone so implants can be placed and integrate properly.

Working Collaboratively for Dental Implant Treatment Plan

Our office works closely with your general dentist to ensure that implant placement and restoration provide the results you need. Our periodontal office can perform all of the complex or surgical portions of your treatment plan, including implant placement and surgical pre-treatments. With Dr. Lubrtiz’s expertise in periodontal care and implant treatment, we can provide patients with a secure base for implant-supported prosthetics that look and feel more like their own, natural teeth.

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