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Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Houston - Kenneth M. Lubritz, DDS

Your teeth affect your whole body. When they are healthy, you are, too. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well.

Missing teeth can impact your bite, speech, and eating choices. The remaining teeth are relied on more, increasing the chance they will wear out prematurely, become damaged, or shift out of place. Dental implants are anchors that integrate with the jawbone to provide a secure, stable, and long-lasting tooth replacement that restores a patient's comfort, function, and self-confidence. Implants become part of your jaw, allowing you to eat, talk, and smile without worry. When you lose teeth, you lose the supporting bone of the jaw. Implants help to preserve the jaw bone.

Dr. Kenneth M. Lubritz and his team at Periodontics & Dental Implants specialize in dental implant treatments and provide patients with a world-class level of expertise and care. Schedule a consultation today, and see how implants are right for you. 

Advanced Dental Implant Care in Houston

West Houston Dental Implants

Advancements in dental technology have made dental implant treatment more comfortable and efficient than ever. We have equipped our practice with state-of-the-art technology for periodontics, including the latest dental CT scanner to capture 3D, 360º views of the teeth and jaw for precise and efficient implant placement. In many cases, this technology can help us extract teeth, place implants, and add the restorations in one day.

We precisely plan where to place your implants for best bone volume and density, as well as any other treatment that might need to be done to ensure your implant surgery’s success. Different types of treatment are available for you depending on your unique oral health needs:

  • Single Tooth Implants: For patients who have lost a single tooth due to decay, an accident, or periodontal disease. The crown on your new dental implant will look and function like your other natural teeth.
  • Multiple Implants: For patients who are missing more than one tooth, but still have healthy gums and surrounding teeth. Two fixtures are implanted, and the crown is attached, leaving other natural teeth intact, like a bridge.
  • All-On-4 Implants: For patients who need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth. We will place four implants then attach a full arch of teeth. These teeth can be attached to your implants, so only your dentist can remove them, or they can be “snapped” in and out by the patient. The can also be made with or without a palate, so you can taste your food better.

What Can I Expect After Receiving a Dental Implant?

Your teeth require conscientious at-home care and regular dental visits. Dental implants are like your original teeth and will require the same care. To keep your implant clean and plaque-free, brushing and flossing still apply!

When properly prepared, placed, and looked after, dental implants can last your lifetime. The key to their endurance is the foundation on which they are placed. We make sure that your implants are embedded in healthy bone and gum tissue. Our goal is to provide the best implant dental care for you and your family in a calm, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere.

Our team is prepared to exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional health care. Contact Kenneth M. Lubritz, DDS Periodontics & Dental Implants in Houston today for a complete evaluation and see how dental implant treatment can improve your quality of life.