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Non-Surgical Periodontics

Gentle, Non-Surgical Treatment for Gum Disease In Houston - Kenneth M. Lubritz, DDS

For some patients, surgical dental interventions are necessary, but the good news is that advancements in dental care have made non-invasive, non-surgical dental care more effective for oral health problems. In the event of gum disease, there are many comfortable, non-surgical solutions that help you manage symptoms and get a healthier mouth and body. If you are displaying signs of periodontitis (gum disease), the Houston, TX periodontal office of Dr. Kenneth Lubrtiz offers non-surgical periodontal treatment to help protect the strength and health of your gums.

Non-Invasive Gum Disease Treatments

Signs of progressing gum disease include puffy or bleeding gum tissue, gum recession, and persistent bad breath. These symptoms worsen over time, but can be effectively managed with non-surgical gum treatment, which includes:

Root Scaling and Planing – More commonly called a deep cleaning, this is the most common treatment in the defense against developing gum disease. Root scaling and planing involves clearing out debris and bacteria from beneath the gum line. A deep cleaning reduces the pockets of bacteria that are characteristic of gum disease. Dr. Lubritz will also remove build-up from the roots of teeth, making it more difficult for debris to stick to, and accumulate, on tooth roots in the future.

Antibiotics – To help tissues heal, Dr. Lubritz places an antibiotic solution under the gum. This process is quick and comfortable and nurtures gum tissue recovery in the face of disease.

Perio Protect® – Our Houston periodontal office also offers an innovative home-use system for gum disease care. The Perio Protect® treatment utilizes custom-made trays and a peroxide solution to gently treat and protect your smile against continued effects of gum disease.

You should consider treating gum disease as important as treating any other dental problem, such as a cavity, a chipped tooth, or a tooth ache. Left alone, gum disease can cause serious damage, but Dr. Lubrtiz has comfortable and convenient ways to help you manage gum disease symptoms so you can get a healthier smile.

Advanced Care for Gum Disease

With the latest methods in gum care, it's become even easier to treat early signs of gum disease, as well as advanced periodontitis. With our PerioProtect system, our patients get access to comfortable antibiotic treatment that both prevents serious problems and can be used in advanced cases of gum disease. Our non-surgical periodontal procedures are aimed at helping reduce bacteria and promote healthier gum tissue.

And while we treat disease, Dr. Lubrtiz has a larger goal of helping his patients stay healthy for life. Gum disease has a correlation to other systemic body issues, such as heart problems and stroke. By getting comprehensive care of the health of your smile, we help you protect your total body wellness for years to come.

Have Questions about Non-Surgical Periodontics?

We're here to help you find a solution to gum disease, and set you up for better overall health. During your first consultation, you'll sit with Dr. Lubrtiz to go over your concerns, and help us create a specialized treatment plan that best suits your needs. We welcome you to our office to learn more about non-invasive gum treatments in Houston, TX. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!